Direction of Photography

We create top of the line cinematic storytelling utilizing our in-house equipment ranging from RED Epic cameras, lighting and wireless followfocus to 5K drones, 5K underwater options and 100 km/t steady followcar. Pushing boundaries is part of our nature and making sure every single frame is just the way its supposed to be. 

We breathe for easthetics but this means more than just the picture. Its understanding the feelings and subliminal vibes of a given scene to make sure the camera catches more than just looks. 

Our ideal scenario is creating your film from idea to finished product. Everything you see in work is done like that and it gives us another dimension when it comes to the specific camerawork. Thinking the entire process in to the frame let us do extraordinary things. But if you seek a photographer for your external project, we have top professional guys ready to join you, both with or without some of our exquisite equipment. 

Head over to work for our cases or watch our latest showreel below and get the idea of our potential.